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Picking Wall Paint Color and Finish with Professional Orlando Painters

Picking Wall Paint Color and Finish with Professional Orlando Painters

Jul 06, 2019

For people looking to add more pizzazz to their home’s interior walls via a paint job, trying to choose from literally hundreds or thousands of paint options can be quite a challenge. However, the trouble can definitely be eased with the help of experienced painters in Orlando. The importance of professional assistance is further underscored in Angie Hicks’ article on the Killeen Daily Herald, which also outlines a few preparatory tips:

“To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the thousands of color options, follow advice that highly rated decorators and painters gave our team and start by considering the mood you want to create. For example, bold bright colors work well in high-activity rooms, such as a kitchen, while softer colors are best for rooms where you relax, such as a bedroom.”

NYC interior designer Scott Sanders sat down with House Beautiful’s Carol Spier, answering questions regarding choosing the right wall paint colors. Sanders stressed several major points: the mood the homeowner wants to portray, the importance of mixing and matching, and connecting the color to everything inside the room.

It is fairly common knowledge that colors are found to elicit and convey specific emotions. A infographic entitled “The Psychology of Color” featured on the home improvement site Freshome.com shows several examples: blue promotes maximum productivity in the home office; green allows for a restful feeling of tranquility and health for bedrooms; yellow gives out energy in kitchens; lavender creates a relaxing atmosphere for living rooms; and red encourages appetite in dining rooms.

Sanders also put emphasis on color combinations. However, he warned people on the risks of using bold colors (especially if they like using such); as the human mind is likely to get tired of them quickly. Such colors are much more ideal as accents rather than as base. Aside from portraying different moods, colors also create significant illusions: lighter colors like white make walls and ceilings look higher; while darker hues create the illusion of lower ceilings and adds more drama.

Lastly, Sanders shared several insights on connecting the wall color to everything within the room. He noted its significance to how the décor is perceived – saying that big rooms look better if they’re painted with brighter, warmer colors to “bring the walls in” and create the illusion of a tighter space. He also noted that well-chosen shades establishes visual weight and balance; if combined properly, some parts of the room won’t feel lighter or heavier than others.

Working with skilled Orlando painters can help bring out the best in every interior painting project. Call up established companies like Noble Paint and Trim and see them work their magic.

(Source: Interior Painting – Picking Color and Finish, Killeen Daily Herald, April 5, 2014)

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