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Tips on Boosting Curb Appeal with Exterior House Painting in Orlando

Tips on Boosting Curb Appeal with Exterior House Painting in Orlando

Nov 11, 2019

If you’re looking for creative and relatively inexpensive home improvements, have you thought about repainting your home? An article posted by the Journal Sentinel lists applying a fresh coat of paint on the home exterior as one way to instantly increase curb appeal:

“Spring is in the air, so it’s time to give your home an exterior makeover and add curb appeal. A few simple tricks can help boost your home’s profile, and ensure visitors get a good first impression when they arrive on your doorstep.


For a dramatic change, repaint your home’s exterior. You can also change trim color to refresh your home’s exterior impact. When updating trim, choose color schemes that match your home’s primary exterior color, or complement it with a fresh twist.”

Choosing the right paint color and design for the house might be challenging, especially for Orlando, FL residents who are living in a place nicknamed “The City Beautiful”. Talk about pressure of living up to a name! Don’t you worry, dear homeowner! Here are some tips for exterior house painting in Orlando:

Take advantage of spring.

Spring is the best time to repaint the outside of your house. The climate is generally warm enough for paint to dry without forming blisters, which summer heat can cause. Moreover, spring is often the time when peels and cracks on your siding’s paint become evident after all the rain showers in Orlando’s “winter.”

Choose combinations where light colors dominate.

A house paint makeover could be helpful in reducing utility bills, especially in preparation for the summer. Light colors – that reflect more heat than darker colors do – are best in efficiently cooling your home. Shades of white and earth tones are ideal choices. You can opt for fun colors like pale yellow and powder blue, too.

Don’t forget the trims, doors, and shutters!

You can choose bolder colors for your trims, doors, and shutters to complement the light colors of your siding or exterior wall. For a dominantly white siding, try an inviting red door or blue shutters. If you chose pale brown paint on your siding, for instance, you can use white accents on the trims.

Don’t be daunted with the wide range of paint choices! Professional Orlando house painters like Noble Paint and Trim would be happy to offer their expert advice and services. From attractive color combinations, quality paint brand choices, to pressure washing, they’ve got your home exterior covered!

(Source: Best on the block: How to create curb appeal, Journal Sentinel, March 18, 2014)

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