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  • Tips When Getting Orlando House Painting Services: All About Color
Tips When Getting Orlando House Painting Services: All About Color

Tips When Getting Orlando House Painting Services: All About Color

Jul 06, 2019

Orlando house painting services from professionals like Noble Paint and Trim can turn your home interior from drab to fab in little to no time. However, making a paint job work takes more than just professional skills and tools. You should also consider fresh, artistic color combinations so that your room won’t end up being an eyesore but rather a veritable feast for your eyes. For your reference, here are some helpful tips to figure out the best color combinations for your house:

Color Rule

When it comes to mixing and matching colors, how much color can you really add to the mix before the room turns into a flashy, 70s-style color overload? Professionals recommend that you always consider the 60-30-10 rule when choosing colors – that is, 60% of the room should be full of one main or dominant color, 30% of a secondary color, and only 10% of an accent color. For the most part, the paint in your walls should be the basis for identifying the dominant color.

Color Scheme

Now that you know how to weigh your colors, you can think about the actual hues themselves – there are two main color schemes you can try, analogous or complementary. Complementary colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel, allowing you to fashion a room that has a striking balance of contrasts. On the other hand, analogous colors are beside each other on the color wheel, making for a more relaxing theme.

Depend on Color Patterns

According to HGTV’s Mark McCauley, it might be more efficient to choose your wall paint from a dominant pattern in the room instead of painting your wall first:

“To help you choose a color scheme, look at the colors in the largest pattern in the room first, be it drapery, upholstery fabric, an Oriental rug or a large artwork. Then choose colors based upon that piece. This is much easier (and less expensive) than painting the walls a particular color and finding that absolutely nothing else on the planet, let alone in your room, will match it.”

The Right Colors

Choose paint and fabric colors that are best associated with what activities are commonly done in a particular room – take cues from the emotional responses that are usually associated with each one. For instance, you could use relaxing shades of blue, green, and other colors that promote relaxation and comfort for your bedroom.

While your reliable Orlando painter will be able to help you choose the best paint in terms of quality and longevity, the aesthetic value of your paint job hinges entirely on your artistic eye for color combinations and contrasts. Your home deserves nothing less than the best visual value.

(Source: Top 10 Tips for Adding Color to Your Space, HGTV)

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