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Repainting Project: Why Work with Professional Painters in Orlando?

Repainting Project: Why Work with Professional Painters in Orlando?

Jul 06, 2019

Repainting the home may be an overwhelming task. That’s why it’s just practical to hire professionals to do the job. However, you have to make sure that you get your money’s worth with the services that the painting companies provide. In her Cleveland.com article, Becky Stager recommends sorting out crucial information and concerns with a paint contractor prior to starting any project:

“When seeking bids to have your house painted, it’s critical to discuss your priorities with the painter. The preparation work, done before any paint is applied, will not only affect how the finished job will look – it will also determine how long the paint will last. For this reason, you should talk to the contractor about the result you are looking for, and what it will cost.”

Some homeowners are brave and crafty enough to try and repaint their entire house themselves. Then again, there’s a chance that these bold attempts can end up with messy paintjob or ruined furniture and floors. By working with reputable painters in Orlando, you get to avoid do-it-yourself disasters. Here are three parts of the painting process where professional contractors provide exceptional service:


To get long-lasting results, you can’t just paint over old layers of paint. Surfaces need to be prepared – sanded, smoothed, cleaned, primed, etc. – in order for the paint to stick. Experts are skilled in preparing various wall surfaces like wooden planks and concrete with the use of appropriate methods. They can also thoroughly wash and remove rots and mildew that may have formed on some materials.

Paint Choice

Choosing the brand and color of paint can be challenging with all the options. Be sure to find a contractor who can work with your budget without skimping on quality. For instance, several leading painters use quality brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paints. They can also give suggestions or show galleries of past works for you to find the color palettes that will suit your home.

Post-Painting Cleanups

Paint drips and spills on floors, furniture, and fixtures may be unsightly aftermaths of paintjobs. The various cans of paint, tools, wall shavings, and dusts may all make a mess, too. Fortunately, you can count on competent Orlando painters like Noble Paint and Trim to be careful and thorough in their cleanup tasks – from refinishing stained surfaces to diligently tidying up their work area.

(Source: Talk essential when contracting exterior painting: The Weekly Fix, Cleveland.com, February 19, 2014)

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